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25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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director: Cheol-min Im
original title: PRISMA
country: South Korea
year: 2013
running time: 61 min.


A cyclically awakening character or a show of both visual and sound errors are how Im deconstructs the pre-camera reality in his experimental film. The object of his interest is not the material world, but the power of the medium itself. The film appears as a living being, who with his mechanical limbs walks between the creator and the viewer. The medium as a divine algorithm decomposes reality and reassembles it. It dissolves the original meanings and floods things, places, and people with new collective beings.
"The traces of hidden time and dream were revived and playback eternally." PRISMA


Cheolmin Im addressed Secret Garden (2010), Golden Light (2011), and B-ing B-ing (2016) with his short films. Prisma is his feature debut and, together with the experimental work Glow Job (2018), touches on the topic of sexual minorities.

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director: Cheol-min Im
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