28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Transformation by Holding Time (Landscape)
Transformation by Holding Time (Landscape)

Transformation by Holding Time (Landscape)

director: Paul de Nooijer
original title: Transformation by Holding Time (Landscape)
country: Netherlands
year: 1976
running time: 2 min.


The first in a series of films about holding time on one reel of 16mm film. The photographer operates a Polaroid camera pointed at the camera, which returns the view. The Polaroid portraits of the camera that emerge during this dialogue of cameras gradually obscure the field of view until it is completely replaced by fifteen versions of what usually remains hidden.


Paul de Nooijer (* 1943) is a Dutch filmmaker, animator, photographer, and installation and performance artist. He works closely with his son Menno and other family members. His work is characterized by the intermingling of different media, a sense of analogue, and a tendency towards performance. In October 2022, the Antwerp publisher Voetnoot will release the narrative publication Is Heaven Blue?, which presents more than 100 films made by the de Nooijers since 1968.

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director: Paul de Nooijer
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