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25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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First Birthday After the Apocalypse
First Birthday After the Apocalypse
First Birthday After the Apocalypse
First Birthday After the Apocalypse
First Birthday After the Apocalypse

First Birthday After the Apocalypse

director: Farah Hasanbegović
original title: First Birthday After the Apocalypse
country: Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina
year: 2020
running time: 6 min.


In her autobiographical documentary, the young director uses cartoon impressions, photographic memories, and the various stages of baking a cake to draw the viewer into her own stream of consciousness, and using images full of kindness, tenderness, and playfulness, she deals with the sadness that began during a children's birthday party many years ago.
„Everything you experience could be a little exercise in storytelling and so the documentary filmmaking seems like a good way to learn how to interact with the world rather than with just the medium.“ F. Hasanbegović
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Farah Hasanbegović (1996) comes from Bosnia and Herzegovina. She graduated from the film.factory program, founded by Béla Tarr at the Sarajevo Film Academy. She is currently completing her master’s degree at DocNomads. 

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director: Farah Hasanbegović
producer: Farah Hasanbegović
editing: Farah Hasanbegovic
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