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25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Dogs of Home
Dogs of Home
Dogs of Home
Dogs of Home
Dogs of Home

Dogs of Home

director: Daniela Repas
original title: Dogs of Home
country: United States, Bosnia and Herzegovina
year: 2020
running time: 11 min.


Bosnia was divided by war in the 1990s. The older population stayed while the younger population left. The film’s two mediums, documentary and animation, fluctuate along the border of two worlds, which separated time and historical events but are united by a longing for home and family. People are like dogs: they never forget their way home.
„Motivation to tell this particular story is grounded in love, instinct and urgency. It speaks of family, loss and resilience, with points of access to the culture of Bosnia…“ D. Repas
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Daniela Repas is a visual artist originally from Bosnia and based in Portland, Oregon. She combines animation, drawing, installation, and film in her multimedia projects. She drew attention to herself with her short film debut, Mnemonics (2017).

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director: Daniela Repas
cast: Dragica Bozić, Dušan Bozić
producer: Daniela Repas
script: Daniela Repas
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