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25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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City Hall
City Hall
City Hall
City Hall
City Hall
City Hall
City Hall

City Hall

director: Frederick Wiseman
original title: City Hall
country: United States
year: 2020
running time: 275 min.


This observational film provides a detailed insight into the daily work of the administration of Boston City Hall in Massachusetts and the activities of the city’s mayor Marty Walsh. Representatives' meetings, meetings with citizens, and fieldwork by individual employees reflect the difficulties that affect not only Boston but the entire United States. The issues of racial inequality, homelessness, poverty trafficking, and climate change are reflected in the specific steps of the city administration. The complex picture of an important social institution illustrates the difficulties faced by local democratically minded authorities during the Trump era.

„I made City Hall to illustrate why government is necessary for people to successfully live together.“ F. Wiseman


Frederick Wiseman (1930) is an American filmmaker, documentary filmmaker, and theater director. He focuses on the critical portrayal of American institutions and society. A characteristic feature of his work is his observational style and dramatic structure. In 2014, he received the White Lion in Venice for his life's work.

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director: Frederick Wiseman
producer: Karen Konicek, Frederick Wiseman
photography: John Davey
editing: Frederick Wiseman
sound: Frederick Wiseman
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