28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Year 2000
Year 2000

Year 2000

director: Gianfranco Brebbia
original title: ANNO 2000
country: Italy
year: 1969
running time: 13 min.


Brebbia’s film shot in his native town is a mix of footage from the historical core of Varese that has to give way shortly to new residential areas and building sites. The major focal points of the camera eye are young people huddled on the main square, Piazza del Podesta. Fleeting details of their facial expressions, held for an extra second before they vanish, focus on musings about lives of the locals in the year 2000.


Gianfranco Brebbia (1923–1974) was a tailor by profession, who also made photography and movies. He shot his first 8mm film in 1962. His work includes over 140 flicks, many of them featuring footage of his native town of Varese in Northern Italy. Brebbia’s experimental work has been discovered only recently after his daughter published his private archives.

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director: Gianfranco Brebbia
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