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25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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A Year in Exile
A Year in Exile
A Year in Exile
A Year in Exile

A Year in Exile

director: Malaz Usta
original title: A Year in Exile
country: Turkey, Syria
year: 2020
running time: 19 min.


The superfast longitudinal documentary is composed of short takes / impressions filmed over the course of one year, forming a kind of a cycle of audio-visual poems: image is accompanied by the director’s poetic comments and fragments of conversations. The film as a whole reflects the effort to capture the ephemeral experience of an uprooted, forcibly displaced person in their new environment.

„I took videos each and every day for a whole year. I edited them into a sort of video diary, and from them, I was able to make my first short film.“



Malaz Usta (1992) was born in Damascus, Syria, where he studied pharmacy. Since 2016, he has been living in exile in Turkey. Here, he has finally been able to fully live his passion, film, and design, after having been prevented from it by the Syrian war and weak infrastructure. Currently he works as a graphic artist and editor.

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director: Malaz Usta
producer: Mehmet Öztürk
script: Malaz Usta, Mehmet Öztürk
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