28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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director: Bruce Conner
original title: Crossroads
country: United States
year: 1976
running time: 36 min.


After the Second World War the United States knew what the effects were of an atomic explosion on a city of civilians, but information about the impacts of the explosion on military technology was still lacking. The army therefore proceeded to conduct tests using out-of-service boats. They chose the bay of Bikini Atoll for the testing, and the operation was given the name Crossroads. Conner's film uses material that was shot during an underwater atomic explosion, when several cameras were used to record the explosion from various distances. These hypnotizing images, with fascinating energy, are underscored by minimalist music composed by Patrick Gleeson and Terry Riley.


Bruce Connor (1933–2008) was an American artist and filmmaker. His creative endeavors encompassed photography, drawing, painting, assemblage, and sculpture, and his work explored post-war American society, politics, and consumerism. In his films, he worked with found footage and collaborated with musicians on avant-garde videos.

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director: Bruce Conner
editing: Bruce Conner
music: Patrick Gleeson, Terry Riley
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