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25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Wind Shaped Rocks
Wind Shaped Rocks
Wind Shaped Rocks
Wind Shaped Rocks
Wind Shaped Rocks
Wind Shaped Rocks

Wind Shaped Rocks

director: Eduardo Makoszay Mayén
original title: Rocas en forma de viento
country: Mexico
year: 2017
running time: 44 min.


What starts out as a calm, observational record from an excursion boat filled with Taiwanese tourists admiring glaciers, soon turns into a frenzied – in places almost hallucinogenic – series of bizarre events after a black hole appears in the sky. Shots of the tourists alternate with views of horses grazing in a snowy landscape, a couple in a hotel room, and a group of young people digging film strips out of a garbage can. From the start, the viewer searches for the key to this random sequence of wordless scenes, trying to keep pace with the rapid, sometimes even stroboscopic montage of juxtaposed shots, which is slowed down with contemplative views of monstrous icebergs.

"Glaciers exist before/after human time-space. History is obsolete since self-representation democratized. This is a love story between users of a cybernetic system. Life is nonlinear inside a rhizome." E. Makoszay


Eduardo Makoszay (1992) is an experimental filmmaker from Mexico. In the past, he completed residencies in Iceland and China. Since 2014, he has realized several video installations and short films in which he experimented with images. These include Tenerife (2014) and Coca Cola Internet (2016). He repeatedly balances his speculative motifs and themes somewhere on the border between essayistic documentary film and sci-fi.

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director: Eduardo Makoszay Mayén
producer: Eduardo Makoszay
music: Gabriel Esparza
sound: Allan Vizzuett, David Sánchez
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