26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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The Wall of Shadows
The Wall of Shadows
The Wall of Shadows
The Wall of Shadows
The Wall of Shadows

The Wall of Shadows

director: Eliza Kubarska
original title: Ściana cieni
country: Poland, Germany, Switzerland
year: 2020
running time: 94 min.


In eastern Nepal, the sacred mountain Janna looms at 7000m tall. The top of Janna is considered the seat of gods and demons. It is said that whoever tries to humble her will pay for it with his life. Under the mountain lies the village where Ngada Sherpa lives with his family. One of the most reliable mountain carriers in the area, he is struggling with poverty. Nevertheless, he is determined to pay for his son to attend medical school. He therefore decides to break the taboo and accompany a climbing expedition to the summit of Janna. He hopes the gods will be merciful to him. The majestic mountain scenery becomes the set for a drama about a man tempting the elements and his own religious beliefs.
“People are often guided by emotions, and in the mountains it’s even more pronounced. Over there, we are who we are. Everything is black and white. Only here in the lowlands do we have many shades of grey.” E. Kubarska

Q&A with Eliza Kubarska:


Polish film director, traveler, and climber Eliza Kubarska (1978) graduated from the Academy of Arts and Films in Warsaw. In her award-winning outdoor documentaries, such as What Happened on Pam Island (2010), Walking Under Water (2014) or K2: Touch the Sky (2015), she follows people who have connected their lives with the tallest mountains or the depths of the sea. 

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director: Eliza Kubarska
producer: Monika Braid
photography: Piotr Rosolowski
editing: Barbara Toennieshen
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