28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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director: Jean-Marc Chapoulie
original title: La mer du milieu
country: France
year: 2019
running time: 73 min.


A poetic documentary about the Mediterranean brings together a mosaic of images of the southern and the northern coast that the director, writer and poet Nathalie Quintane collected without traveling anywhere – they acquired them through hotel and other publicly accessible webcams. In this way, both of them walk the shores and beaches, rocks and ports, enhanced with the memories and conversations that JeanMarc shares with his son about the current problems of coastal countries. Suddenly the contrasts between the European, African and Middle Eastern shores of the sea are revealed.

"Webcam images placed around the Mediterranean Sea don’t have any deepness. They are like an ideal illusion of a unique world. A film has perhaps a chance to say it.“ J.-M. Chapoulie


Jean-Marc Chapoulie (1967) is a French filmmaker and video artist. During the 1990s he worked with André S. Labarthe and Janine Bazin on the collection Films of Our Time. He is also an exhibition curator. Under the pseudonym Alchimicinéma, he presents hybrid sessions - conferences and performances, screenings and installations at the same time.

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director: Jean-Marc Chapoulie
cast: Orso Chapoulie
producer: Elisabeth Pawlowski, Elsa Minisini
script: Nathalie Quintane
editing: Veronique Aubouy
sound: Zoe Chalaud, Mikael Barre
skladatel: Stephane Berard
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