28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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A Bloody Taboo
A Bloody Taboo
A Bloody Taboo
A Bloody Taboo
A Bloody Taboo

A Bloody Taboo

director: Sybilla Patrizia
original title: 生理というタブー
country: Japan, Austria
year: 2021
running time: 14 min.


Despite forming a natural part of the life of half the world’s population, menstruation is still a taboo in many countries. The film A Bloody Taboo shows just how stigmatized it is in Japan. The intimate testimonies of a large sample of women reveal that the unwillingness of the patriarchal society to lead an open dialogue about the monthly menstruation is just a symptom of a bigger problem that is gender discrimination.


Sybilla Patrizia is an Austrian photographer and filmmaker. At the centre of her focus are current political, social, and cultural topics. Her works, exhibited in galleries all over the world, capture the umbrella revolution in Hong Kong, the oppression of the Tibetan diaspora in the north of India or the cult of cuteness in Japanese mainstream culture.

more about film

director: Sybilla Patrizia
producer: Sybilla Patrizia, Marina Yoshimura
photography: Sybilla Patrizia
editing: Sybilla Patrizia
music: Nobuyoshi Kobayashi
sound: Jayce Ong
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