27th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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AKA Mrs. George Gilbert

AKA Mrs. George Gilbert

director: Coco Fusco
original title: AKA Mrs. George Gilbert
country: United States
year: 2004
running time: 32 min.


In 1970, Black American activist Angela Davis was forced to go underground to hide from the police and FBI prosecutions. Dozens of women who even remotely resembled Angela ended up becoming wrongfully trapped in a web of security force units, usually due to having an afro hairstyle characteristic of Angela. Combining period footage with cinematic re-enactments, this documentary dares to criticise the apathetic nature of a surveillance apparatus and the abuse of secret services who repress minorities. The element of authenticity is further enhanced by the fictionalised testimony of the former FBI agent in charge of tracking down Angela Davis as well as a retrospective reflection of his profession.
„I would not say that artistic freedom is guaranteed in the United States. There are famous cases of censored literary works throughout the 20th century.“ C. Fusco


Coco Fusco (1960) is a Cuban-American writer, interdisciplinary artist, and curator. In her audiovisual work, she combines electronic media with performance, whether it be projected onto a large screen, broadcast on a closed television circuit, or streamed live on the internet, engaging her viewers through interaction via a chat platform. She takes a particular interest in issues of identity, race, and gender.

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director: Coco Fusco
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