28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Welcome to Tallinn!
Welcome to Tallinn!

Welcome to Tallinn!

director: Andrei Dobrovolski
original title: Tallinna mosaiik
country: Estonia
year: 1967
running time: 22 min.


An urban symphony comprising a visual collage of the Estonian capital city. With an emphasis on rhythm, it sets into motion a stream of compositions depicting various buildings and corners of the city. Its primary focus, however, is on the human element as a bearer of action and vitality, capturing the period of political thaw, carefree fun, and the joy of life.


Andrei Dobrovolski (1936), a director and photographer of Russian origin, experiments with photographic film as part of the photographic group Stodom.

more about film

director: Andrei Dobrovolski
producer: Tallinnfilm
script: Andrei Dobrovolski
photography: Kalju Kivi, Rein Maran
sound: Ivalo Randalu
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