28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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director: Tomáš Mašín
original title: Tamagoči
country: Czech Republic
year: 1994
running time: 2 min.


The circumstances surrounding the creation of the work Tamagotchi are not entirely clear. The electronic toy of the same name was released in 1996, but the author and other contemporaries place the film’s creation a few years earlier. The animated dog character in the film calls for the viewer to feed it. The inability to respond to the virtual pet’s needs reveals the nature of the emotions evoked in the viewer by this digital interaction.


Tomáš Mašín graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in 1993 and thus belongs to the first generation of students of the New Media Studio. After graduating, he worked on many multimedia projects, foreign music videos, commercials, and short films. He made his debut as a producer, writer, and director with the feature film 3 Seasons in Hell (2009).

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director: Tomáš Mašín
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