28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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director: Fanie Pelletier
original title: Jouvencelles
country: Canada
year: 2022
running time: 84 min.


Three groups of adolescent girl friends from Quebec are going through tough changes. The process of inventing their own bodies and identity are being recorded on the move by their smartphones and shared with their peers from other parts of the networked world. Due to their strong need of external confirmation, they alter their lives into a series of retouched pictures and videos. The film camera, however, captures their feelings of void, loneliness and deep inner insecurities that are not so attractive for Periscope, TikTok or Instagram. An intimate portrait of adolescence is made with full comprehension of experiencing and self-presentation in a generation growing up on the brink of the real and virtual worlds.

“It's easier to talk to your phone than it is to talk to people.”


Canadian documentary filmmaker and editor Fanie Pelletier graduated in social sciences and filmmaking. Her short film Faded Photograph (2016), a revelation of her father’s life story, has been screened and awarded at several festivals. Her documentary Bloom, which similarly to her previous films treats the issue of representation in the context of social structures, is her feature debut.

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director: Fanie Pelletier
cast: Salma Harfat, Marguerite Gagnon, Léane Lavallé-Davis, Maia Bonardelli, Elia Flici, Diana Tovar Coll, Andrea Tovar Coll
producer: Audrey D. Laroche
script: Fanie Pelletier
photography: Matthew Wolkow
editing: René Roberge
music: Simon L'Espérance
sound: Félix Lamarche
sound design: Luc Raymond
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