28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Dark Red Forest
Dark Red Forest
Dark Red Forest

Dark Red Forest

director: Jin Huaqing
original title: Dark Red Forest
country: China
year: 2021
running time: 85 min.


Once a year, ten thousand Buddhist nuns gather on top the Tibetan plateau in Sichuan Province to seek enlightenment in adverse weather conditions. In the Yarchen monastery, they build small wooden huts, reminiscent of coffins, in which they spend one hundred coldest days of the year. Instead of telling personal stories, we follow the monastery and its daily rituals in action. Witness the physical transform into the spiritual and the individual transform into the collective, all in perfect harmony with this majestic landscape. Thousands of women clad in red robes become a living forest that grows in defiance of dictatorship, atop the Roof of the World.

„I want to focus more on representing the way the characters feel and what they really think about in that moment, instead of telling the story and telling the audience what’s happening.“ (Jin Huaqing)


World-renowned independent Chinese documentary filmmaker and educator Jin Huaqing (1980) tackles topics such as the environment, workers, and youth. Among his other films are Living with Shame, Blossom with Tears, Lament of Yumen, Endless Road, and The Tibetan Girl.

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director: Jin Huaqing
producer: Wu Enxy, Li Tutu
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