28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Toyen, The Baroness of Surrealism
Toyen, The Baroness of Surrealism
Toyen, The Baroness of Surrealism
Toyen, The Baroness of Surrealism

Toyen, The Baroness of Surrealism

director: Andrea Sedláčková
original title: Toyen, baronka surrealismu
country: Czech Republic, France
year: 2022
running time: 69 min.


The documentary reveals the dramatic story of an unconventional artist of Czech origin whose views were ahead of her time. Toyen, a brave woman with an unresolved sexual identity, spent part of her life in France. A close friend of André Breton, she consistently maintained absolute creative freedom, even at the cost of a life of poverty. Now the works of the most famous surrealist are selling for astronomical sums. We learn more about Toyen through the memories of friends, unique film footage, and numerous photographs.


Andrea Sedláčková (* 1967) studied screenwriting at FAMU. In 1989 she emigrated to France and attended the prestigious FEMIS film school in Paris, where she studied directing and editing. In France, she works as an editor on feature films, including the Academy Award-nominated drama Joyeux Noel. She is the creator of numerous documentaries, several feature films, and novels.

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director: Andrea Sedláčková
producer: Dušan Mulíček
script: Andrea Sedláčková
photography: Jan Baset Střítežský, David Cysař
editing: Jakub Hejna
music: Quentin Sirjacq
sound: Radek Vlach
co-producer: Heike Lettau - ARTE G.E.I.E., Yvette Durrenberger - ARTE G.E.I.E.
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