28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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In Mosul
In Mosul
In Mosul
In Mosul
In Mosul

In Mosul

director: Jana Andert
original title: V Mosulu
country: Czech Republic
year: 2018
running time: 70 min.


Shock therapy through front-line reporting. Documentary filmmaker Jana Andert spent eight months with an elite unit of the Iraqi army on the front lines of the battle for Mosul, which was occupied by Islamic State fighters from 2014 to June 2017. A fearless report from a city in ruins, robbed of its soul by one of the greatest catastrophes of our times.

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director: Jana Andert
producer: Jan Macola, Alena Müllerová
script: Jana Andert
photography: Jana Andert
editing: Tonička Janková
sound: Vladimír Chrastil
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