26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Terrain Vague
Terrain Vague
Terrain Vague
Terrain Vague
Terrain Vague

Terrain Vague

director: Edward Kihn
original title: Terrain Vague
country: United States
year: 2020
running time: 47 min.


A film between a short story and a social documentary, combining stifling atmosphere with humour and reflections of the millennials. We follow a fictional female journalist who tries to report on changes happening in poor neighbourhoods of Philadelphia with empty half-built compounds, the high-end centres of the future, for now reminiscent of some Kafkaesque novel. Black and white photographs on 16mm film accompanied by an unvaried female voiceover leading the audience through a dystopic fantasy with a caustic commentary on gentrification and class inequality in American cities.

"Set in Philadelphia in the recent past, Terrain Vague takes the conversion of an industrial plant into a new tech-hub as a starting point to explore some of the tensions of the neoliberal city." E. Kihn

Q&A with Edward Kihn :



American filmmaker and artist Edward Kihn explores what links politics and society with technology. His work includes documentary and experimental films, photography and gallery installations. He also teaches film science at New York City University and has published a number of theoretical essays.

more about film

director: Edward Kihn
cast: Keisha Nicole Knight, Rich Henkels
producer: Edward Kihn
script: Edward Kihn
photography: Edward Kihn
editing: Edward Kihn
music: Jeff Kaiser
sound Design: Josh Allen
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