28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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director: Pippo Oriani, Guido Martina, Tina Cordero
original title: Velocità
country: Italy
year: 1930
running time: 13 min.


Although Marinetti wrote the Manifesto of Futurist Cinema, Velocità is seen by some as the only futuristic film in its own right. Beside a dense intertextual network and a mechanic dance of the screen titles and objects dancing to stop-motion beats, the movie features a unique showcase of air painting on film and a few swinging frames from the streets of Turin.


Pippo Oriani (1909–1972) was an architect and painter who claimed allegiance to the second wave of futurism. Velocità is his only film. He cooperated on it with Tina Cordero and Guido Martina, the founders of the Futurista Film company and the authors of the 1931 manifesto The Avant-garde Integral: Marinetti and futurism in film.

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director: Pippo Oriani, Guido Martina, Tina Cordero
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