28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Bigger Than Us

Bigger Than Us

director: Flore Vasseur
original title: Bigger Than Us
country: France
year: 2021
running time: 95 min.


This riveting documentary odyssey is an authentic sweep of defiance that captures the very motto of environmental activists: think globally, act locally. The film follows Melati, an 18-year-old Indonesian girl and well-established activist against plastic pollution, who represents six other brave individuals that have defied complacency and inaction and decided to tackle the burning issues of a globalized world. These young activists endeavor to save lives and are committed to educating and edifying others. For them, impossible is nothing. They can still change the world so long as they have faith that their actions make a difference. This documentary work is a cultural artifact that effectively weaponizes activism, hope, and determination against the blatant ignorance of the masses. All with regard to what’s bigger than us.    

"How many marches are we going to do, how many lives are going to be lost, how many whales are going to be washed up with plastic in their stomachs until we actually see change happening ? And where does that come from and who leads it ? Cause, we have no more time." (Melati Wijsen)


Flore Vasseur (1973) is a French author, screenwriter, and director. She studied political science in Grenoble and economics in Paris and now resides in Annecy. Both her literary and cinematic work focus on visionaries, activists, artists, and whistleblowers (Meeting Snowden; the book What Remains of Our Dreams; and Bigger Than Us).

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director: Flore Vasseur
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