26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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director: Tereza Vejvodová
original title: Vymezení
country: Czech Republic
year: 2020
running time: 14 min.


A young woman searches for a new apartment in a busy city. The film tests the possibilities of film language by placing more emphasis on the interplay of sound and movement than on classical character dialogue, and instead of traditional narration, it combines stylized movements with expressive dance that suddenly interrupts the flow of the story at certain moments.
“What fascinates me is the space itself and our ability to discover ourselves through it, in particular that exact place we can call our home. The space we are surrounded by creates a constant dialogue with our own identity.” T. Vejvodová


Tereza Vejvodová (1995) studied directing at Prague’s FAMU. In addition to feature films, her work also includes documentary and experimental work. Her film Place (2017) won a special jury prize at the FAMUFest in Prague and was awarded the Magnesia Award at the 25th Czech Lion Awards. 

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director: Tereza Vejvodová
cast: Markéta Jandová, Jan Vondráček, Lenka Šourková , Jaroslav Beránek
producer: Anneta Furdecká, Pavel Picek
photography: Dušan Husár
editing: Tereza Vejvodová
music: Džian Baban
sound: Matěj Lindner
sound Design: Matěj Lindner
výprava: Tereza Kopecká
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