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Drowning of Marzanna

Drowning of Marzanna

director: Karol Plicka
original title: Vynášíme morenu
country: Czechoslovakia
year: 1937
running time: 3 min.


A perfect marketing film from the 1930s. The short film is an advertisement for Baťa's new products, presented through the traditional celebration of the end of winter – the carrying of a lighted Marzanna into a stream. Plicka once again stylistically outdoes himself in his search for perfection in natural compositions, Moravian costumes, and traditional songs.


Slovak Institute is the partner of the section Translucent Being: Karol Plicka.


Karol Plicka (1894–1987) was a famous Slovak-Czech photographer, folklorist, filmmaker and collector of moments, ethnographer, cameraman, director, music scientist and pedagogue, violin virtuoso and professor, co-founder of the Prague FAMU film school (1946), admirer of nature and traditional folk work, and admirer of architecture and folk crafts. Plicka’s films have been awarded at festivals in Italy (Florence, Venice) and his photography books and songbooks are still collectible today. Karol Plicka was a personality who still inspires and motivates enthusiasm for the culture of our ancestors.

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