27th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Wet video

Wet video

director: Elen Řádová
original title: Wet video
country: Czech Republic
year: 1993
running time: 1 min.


The erotic charge of the title is underscored by its visual treatment in the film’s opening, with pink typography evoking the aesthetics of hourly hotels and titillating shows from the 1990s. Instead of sexual imagery, however, the film consists of an animated choreography of two apples, reminiscent of the surrealist stop-motion films of Jan Švankmajer.


Elen Řádová studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in the early 1990s in the studios of Aleš Veselý, Michael Bielický, and Milan Knížák. She has presented her artistic work in many exhibitions, such as Women’s Homes (1992/1994). Under the moniker Babe LN, she became a part of the post-revolutionary dance scene, performed as a DJ, and since 2000 has been working for Radio 1.

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director: Elen Řádová
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