28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Life Without Dreams
Life Without Dreams
Life Without Dreams
Life Without Dreams

Life Without Dreams

director: Jessica Bardsley
original title: Life Without Dreams
country: United States, France
year: 2022
running time: 13 min.


In a capitalist society, light never fades and labor never slacks. We're all expected to be constantly awake and efficient drivers of profit. Our sleep schedules have been impaired and there's no time for us to dream, let alone think of social change. This half-awake visual poem about sleep deprivation and its impact on the human body and senses is inspired by the author's own personal experiences with insomnia.

“As long as necessity is socially dreamed, Dreaming will remain a social necessity.” (Guy Debord)


American artist and visiting assistant professor Jessica Bardsley (* 1987) shoots films, writes, and lectures. She was a research fellow at Harvard University, where she also earned her PhD in Film and Visual Studies. Her award-winning films have been screened at various festivals, including CPH:DOX, Visions du Réel, and True/False.

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director: Jessica Bardsley
producer: Jessica Bardsley
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