28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Life could be so beautiful
Life could be so beautiful

Life could be so beautiful

director: Filip Jacobson, Angelika Herta
original title: Life could be so beautiful
country: Poland, Germany
year: 2019
running time: 62 min.


During the 1940s, Polish writer Andrzej Bobkowski headed from the south of France to occupied Paris, describing everything he saw in diaries in which his hundreds of kilometers of cycling were transformed into a deep reflection on wartime Europe. Decades later, Angelika and Filip retraced his route and filmed everything along the way. During the exploration of Bobkowski’s path through the landscape and in culture, a conflict arises on the interpretation of the author’s diaries, with the pair’s creative debate leading to a reflection on their own relationship. In this documentary video diary and from the literary work, a reflection on modern life, work, and love arises.

“Relationship as eternal circle around eternally the same things. No matter how many times you discuss, you will never fully understand each other. But what holds you together?” A. Herta, F. Jacobson


In her work, Angelika Herta (1982) explores the boundary between documentary film and video. Philip Jacobson won the student award at the Krakow Film Festival for his first short film Walk (2011). Both studied at the Academy of Media Studies in Cologne.

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director: Filip Jacobson, Angelika Herta
producer: Ute Dilger
editing: Lara Rodríguez Cruz
music: Norman Peplow
sound: Peter Lange
co-producer: Karolina Galuba
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