28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Singing in Oblivion
Singing in Oblivion

Singing in Oblivion

director: Eve Heller
original title: Singing in Oblivion
country: Austria
year: 2021
running time: 13 min.


This black and white film is a wordless meditation on death, memories, and their absence. The Währinger Jewish cemetery is bathed in sunlight and permeated by the singing of birds. Photos of unknown people, which the director discovered at a flea market and transferred from glass negatives to film stock, capture the past in its boundless anonymity. The film also recalls the genocide that attempted to erase Jewish culture from human memory.

“In honor of refugees past, present and future, facing the loss of life, loved ones, language, and homeland, in kindred empathy with their children, and in thanks to all those who offer compassionate sanctuary.” (Eve Heller)

Source: https://www.sixpackfilm.com/en/catalogue/2772/


Director, lecturer, and translator Eve Heller (* 1961) is an American of Austrian origin. Her parents fled the Nazi regime to the USA in 1938, but now Heller lives in Austria again. She often works with 16mm film stock and found footage materials.

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director: Eve Heller
producer: Eve Heller
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