28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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A Pedestrian Missing
A Pedestrian Missing

A Pedestrian Missing

director: František Papoušek
original title: Ztratil se pěší člověk
country: Czechoslovakia
year: 1964
running time: 8 min.


A mouth shaped like an air pump, an enlarged chest and no legs – this is what homo koumes, the representative of mattress and transistor culture, will look like in the future. A satirical essay about the neglect of hiking, it depicts a new type of man who flees to the countryside in the same droves as homo sapiens, a man on foot, only with bicycles for legs.


František Papoušek (1918–1992), an editor and sports filmmaker, filmed the most important sporting events around the world from 1949 onwards, be it the Olympic Games or the Ice Hockey World Championship. The social significance of movement is also the subject of his feature film A Pedestrian Missing.

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director: František Papoušek
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