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25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Festival Guests

Farah Abou Kharroub

e-mail: Farahakphotography@gmail.com
profession: Director, Producer
institution: FAMU International
Farah holds a BA in Filmmaking from the Lebanese University in Beirut (2014). She started her career by Directing and Producing several TV shows for MBC TV. She is currently pursuing her MFA degree in film directing from FAMU International in Prague and developing her first feature film The Wind Above the Clouds. Her past films that were selected in various festivals are Nafas (2014), Florentina (2015), Summer 2006 (2018), The Seven Villages (2020), and News from Lebanon (2021). Through her work, Farah explores themes that are related to memory, borders, refugees, social inequality, corruption, and freedom.

Mario Adamson

profession: Producer
institution: Sisyfos Film Production
Mario Adamson, Producer and founder of Sisyfos Film Production, an independent production company based in Stockholm/Sweden that produces high profile documentaries with a focus on creative collaborations with international and domestic directors and producers that have a unique voice, a high artistic ambition and share the passion for the art of cinematic storytelling. Mario is originally a sound designer/composer with a career spanning four decades in the film industry.

Rashid Aghamaliyev

e-mail: rashid.aghamali@gmail.com
profession: Director, Producer
After graduation from Palacky University Olomouc with a degree in Film studies and English Philology, he studied Philosophy in Utrecht University (the Netherlands) and Film Production in FAMU International (Czech Republic). He is a founder and director Azerbaijan’s first International Animation Festival ANIMAFILM.

Mohammed Almughanni

e-mail: mohamugha@gmail.com
profession: Director

Sachse Annegret

e-mail: annegret.sachse@protonmail.com
profession: Director, Producer

Anamaria Antoci

e-mail: anamaria@tangajproduction.com
profession: Producer
institution: Tangaj Production
Anamaria Antoci stepped into the film industry in 2012. Her first feature was Adrian Sitaru‘s ILLEGITIMATE (2016, Berlinale Forum – C.I.C.A.E. Award), an independent production that brought her a GOPO Award for Best Newcomer in the Romanian film industry. Her filmography includes a wide range of shorts, features and documentaries, one of the latest titles – MALMKROG by Cristi Puiu, for which she served as delegate producer, opened the Encounters section of Berlinale 2020. Currently she is working on the new films by Andrei Ujică and Adrian Sitaru, while developing her first drama series project. Anamaria is active on the European market, being part of the most important industry networks like EAVE Producers Workshop, EFP’s Cannes Producers on the Move, ACE Producers, Emerging Producers.

Tekla Aslanishvili

e-mail: tekla.aslanishvili@gmail.com
profession: Director, Other

Christa Auderlitzky

e-mail: auderlitzky@filmdelights.com
profession: Distributor, Sales Agent
Filmdelights is an innovative world sales & distribution company for classical (theatrical, TV, Pay TV, DVD) and digital film distribution. With passion for differently and well-told stories, sensibility and humour, we believe in films that increase awareness in various ways. Customized cross-marketing and distribution strategies support our goal to exploit the optimal commercial potential of each individual film. The company was founded in 2010 by film professional Christa Auderlitzky.

Susanne Ayoub

e-mail: mail@susanneayoub.at
profession: Director, Producer

Zane Balcus

e-mail: balticforum@nkc.gov.lv
profession: Festival Representative
institution: Baltic Sea Forum for Documentaries
Baltic Sea Forum for Documentaries is an international co-financing pitching forum in Riga, Latvia, focused on documentary projects from the Baltic Sea region, Eastern Europe and Caucasus region. The event consists of preparatory workshop for approx. 25 selected projects, pitching sessions and individual meetings, as well as seminars, and a film programme. It is the only pitching forum in the Baltic region focused only on documentaries. It is organized by the National Film Centre of Latvia. 25th Baltic Sea Docs will take place in September, 2021.

Ulrika Bandeira

e-mail: ulrika.bandeira@tempofestival.se
profession: Festival Representative
institution: Tempo Documentary Festival
Tempo Documentary Festival is the largest festival of its kind in Sweden. Founded in 1998, Tempo has since the start presented creative documentaries from all over the world, which would otherwise not reach the Swedish audience. Tempo has established a unique forum for the presentation of documentary work across traditional boundaries – Film, radio, photography, VR as well as more experimental forms of expression.

Darya Bassel

profession: Festival Representative
institution: DOCUDAYS UA
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