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25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Media and documentary 2021 │ Tentative timetable

Detailed annotation of the lectures will be sent to all participants in a special brochure via email and will also be available on our website for download.

Media and documentary 2021 │ Tentative timetable

Wednesday, Oct 27
10 AM – 4 PM

Lectures by foreign film critics working in online documentary film periodicals Modern Times Review:

Truls Lie (Norway) / On Modern Times Review as a magazine & the structure of an essayistic review
Melita Zajc (Slovenia) / On critique & Various approaches to film analyses
Steve Rickinson (USA) / On Writing in English
Carmen Gray (Germany) / Practical examples and analyses of film critique

Thursday, Oct 28
10 AM – 4 PM

Lectures by leading Czech journalists and publicists:

Andrea Průchová Hrůzová / Review in professional press
Kamil Fila / Review in journal and online media
Lucie Česálková / Interview
tbc / Commentary
tbc / Essay

Friday, Oct 29 – Sunday, Oct 31

Students follow the film and industry program of the festival and work on their own texts according to the chosen genre. More information about the scope and form of the text will be communicated to students during the lectures. Students consult their text on Sunday, October 31 with the selected lecturer.

Monday, Nov 15

Within two weeks after consultation with the lecturer (by Monday, November 15 at the latest), the seminar participants submit the final version of their text, for which the lecturer will provide final feedback and evaluation will also be give to the students, who have completed the seminar as part of their university studies. The five best texts will be published on the dokrevue.com portal and their authors will be offered collaboration with foreign editors of the Modern Times Review.

Conditions for successful completion of the seminar and obtaining credit:

  • Participation in selected lecture blocks
  • Writing 1 text according to the chosen genre (formal requirements will be communicated by the lecturer during the lecture) in Czech or English
  • Completing a consultation with the respective lecturer
  • Submission of a revised version of the text to the lecturer and the student‘s responsible teacher
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