28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Away from the Stage: Music and Sound in the Festival Landscape

This year, the music programme will freely tie up with the main environmental theme of the festival. “We will introduce music makers who work with the sounds of the real world,” says the programme composer of the “off-screen programme”, Pavel Klusák.

Miloš Vojtěchovský, who has in the long-term been a significant figure of the Czech sound experiment, has prepared a walk through Jihlava accompanied with the sounds communicating with a smartphone app.

Vocalist Lucie Páchová and her trio called Love_Me use recordings from Uganda and Congo; and the section of field recordings will feature Jiří Suchánek and Tomáš Šenkyřík. Slovakia will introduce their naive artists: Džumelec or Erik Sikora, currently nominated for the prestigious Oskár Čepan Award, and the aptly critical and surreally grotesque Samčo, a Brother to Earthworms.


Contemporary European experiment is represented by guitar player Kim Myhr (Norway), drum improviser Ingar Zach (Norway) and Billy Roisz (Austria) who transforms the sound of her heart into a video during her concerts.

The evening in a traditional festival tent will feature performances by WWW Neurobeat, the fresh energy of imaginative hip-hop called PΛST and Jihlava-based musicians and performers MΛKE UP NOT WΔR and their restlessly melancholic post-music. Jakob Schubert will be the DJ of the night with Radio1 and on the following nights you can listen to Brno-based DJ duo Diskofilcky composed of Zuzana Fuksová (Čoko Voko) and painter Marie Butula.


Night owls and festival visitors eager to dance will find their groove at DKO that, at the stroke of midnight, will turn into a dance club under the baton of Radio Wave. You can look forward to pop DJ, singer and producer HOLY, audience’s favourite Jarda Petřík and ambient and techno producer Trevor Linde.

A well-seasoned organiser of club parties, DJ dMIT.RY will make his appearance, Brno-based duo Tomino & Myslivec will infect the audience with their eclectic, and almost ironic, music selection, and, last but not least, the festival audience will be treated to a live set by the legend of modular synthesisers, HRTL. Musician and producer Aid Kid will dish out current clubbing trends as well as timeless experiments, ranging from Prague’s electronic music legend Floex, followed by colourful and energetic set by DJ Barbora ending the tour of the club scene with techno music.

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