28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Siren Test & Nothing or Very Little

22nd Ji.hlava IDFF: Programme News

The Siren Test section dedicated to music films will present a portrait of producer and singer M. I. A., or a visit to Japan after the Fukushima accident as part of the probe into the life of Oscar-winning composer Ryuichi Sakamoto. British award-winning experiment Arcadia combining UK’s archival footage from the last 100 years and the music by Portishead and Goldfrapp will also be among the section’s titles.

Ji.hlava IDFF’s music curator Pavel Klusák will facilitate a workshop focusing on archives of Czechoslovak propagandist pop music of 70s and 80s. The main guest of this year’s music programme will be David Toop – a musician and a world-acclaimed British author of books on music. Toop will appear as one part of a duo with Lucie Štěpánková, a London-based producer and performer who is only emerging on the Czech music scene.

This year, “Nothing or Very Little” is a section dedicated to the topic of quieting, reduction and conciseness in contemporary music and lifestyle. Festival visitors can become members of a two-day ensemble under the baton of the legend of Czech non-conforming song-writing Oldřich Janota. Soundwalk was tailor-made for Jihlava by composer Eliška Cílková, duo Vendula Guhová & Michal Kindernay will present the premiere of their performance in Jihlava’s catacombs. Polish musician and curator Michal Libera brings his “film without image” Léthé

And you can also look forward to powerful and fresh projects – coincidentally generally produced by women – Leto s Monikou, Metastavy and Hellwana as well as the numerous formation, Zappa-inspired bigband, Divergent Connections Orchestra conducted by saxophonist Pavel Zlámal.

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