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26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Special online event on Ukraine


We are standing with Ukraine!

Many Ukrainian, as well as Russian filmmakers, presented their documentary films at Ji.hlava over the years. We are committed to continuing to fight disinformation and providing the floor for free and unbiased discussion. While the Russian aggression must be absolutely rejected, we warn against Russophobic stands – the people in Russia and the Russian government are not the same.   Ji.hlava IDFF organizing team, February 24, 2022

EMERGING PRODUCERS 2023: Submissions open


Film submissions for the 26th Ji.hlava IDFF are open


Press release: Hybrid Ji.hlava is over, films attracted 85 thousand viewers


Ji.hlava Online starts on Sunday

The live part of the 25th Ji.hlava IDFF ends on Sunday, Oct 31, and the festival takes on an online form with over 100 films available for accredited viewers. How to play the films online? If you have a valid festival accreditation (all types of accreditations except for “Inspiration Forum & Offscreen programme”), all you need to do is go to our website and log in to your personal profile (top right corner) using your account on the Visitor Page. If you haven’t bought an accreditation yet, you can do so here* (Ji.hlava Online for CZK 400). Please, check your junk and spam folders to ensure your confirmation e-mail has not been filtered out. The films can be streamed from 6:00 PM on Sunday Oct 31 to midnight on Sunday Nov 14. For a list of sections and films available for streaming click here at the top of page in the category “Ji.hlava Online”. All of the online films are geoblocked for viewing only in the Czech Republic. All films will be available from the start of the Ji.hlava Online programme (Oct 31, 6:00 PM) throughout the duration the programme (until midnight on Sunday, Nov 14). Some of the films have Czech subtitles. If you have trouble playing the film or logging in, please contact our support via the chat window. We will respond to your enquiries as soon as possible but please be patient and contact us only when necessary. Chat support will be available every day of the online festival programme – from 3:00 PM on Sunday Oct 31, and then daily from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.   * If you are not registered in our database, please fill in the basic identification data and create a password. Registration will facilitate communication with the Ji.hlava IDFF and your account will be kept for the purposes of the following festival editions. The basic registration will enable you to open the ACCREDITATIONS form.

Added screenings of award-winning films

Saturday, Oct 30 Dukla Reform 22:30 Dark Red Forrest (Jin Huaqing) Sunday, Oct 31 DKO I 10:00 Lines (Barbora Sliepková) 12:30 Brotherhood (Francesco Montagner) 14:30 Open Mountain (Maria Rojas Arias) + Preparations for Film T (Milan Klepikov) 16:30 Ordeal (Zuzana Piussi) Horácké Theatre - Main Stage 10:00 In and Out a Window (Richard Tuohy) + You Are Ceaușescu to Me (Sebastian Mihăilescu) 12:30 How to Kill a Cloud (Tuija Halttunen) 14:30 Beautiful Solution (Eliška Cílková) + From the Wild Sea (Robin Petré) 16:30 Love, Dad (Diana Cam Van Nguyen) + Heaven (Tomáš Etzler) DIOD 17:00 Gorbachev. Heaven (Vitaly Mansky)

25th Ji.hlava IDFF: award-winning films


Press release: Day four with Cow, Jan Nedvěd, and single parents


Press release: Second festival day & program on Thursday

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