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24th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Offscreen Program at the 23rd Ji.hlava IDFF

This year’s offscreen program, just like the documentary cinema, reacts to developments in the world around us. In discussions, as well as in music and theater dramaturgy, we reflect on current social debate on the state of our climate and other major issues of today. Through selected VR works – whose technical and aesthetic possibilities increase year after year – we follow developments in current audiovisuals. Finally, in our children’s program, we not only want to entertain our youngest visitors, but primarily offer them tools – in a playful way – to orient themselves in today’s complex media environment.

Offscreen Program at the 23rd Ji.hlava IDFF

For six days, through debates, lectures, interviews, and documentary dialogues, the Inspiration Forum will address issues and problems of today’s world and their possible future resolutions. It will also explore ways to make effective contributions – personal, civic, and political – to these solutions. Each day offers a variety of views on one of the following topics: God & Co., Re: Democracy, Woman in Change, Climageddon: How to Force Politicians to Act, How Not to Be Afraid, Made in China.

For the youngest documentary film fans, we have put together the Ji.hlava for Kids program in cooperation with the Center for Documentary Film, which is devoted to year-round audiovisual education. In the creative, playful and cultural zone, we will have film screenings, creative workshops, and concerts for kids. New this year is the discussion program for children and adults called Tales For a Contemporary World, which presents the Inspiration Forum themes in language that the children understand.

The Brave New Worlds section, programmed by Andrea Slováková, presents audiovisual formats that creep off the screen and build their worlds with peculiar aesthetic principles. In the VR Zone, in addition to the possibility of entering spatial installations, you can also enjoy the thematic blocks of 360° films in the VR cinema. The selected works reflect current media trends, such as relations with the physical world or the analysis of artworks. The Game Zone will immerse you in the gaming worlds of documentary and educational computer games that deal with pressing issues of the contemporary world, unexpectedly work with references to reality, or are looking for exceptional aesthetic solutions.

The experimental music program, programmed by Pavel Klusák, hosted for several years now by the Church of the Holy Spirit in Smetana Park, follows the central theme of this year’s Ji.hlava festival – ecology. Off-stage: Music and Sound in the Field of the Festival presents local and foreign experimental artists working with sounds of the real world, as well as projects that take listeners through the town of Jihlava. In the evenings, the Music Tent will be filled with guitars, synthesisers, and the beats of hot new discoveries as well as old favourites on the Czech alternative scene. All five festival days close out with parties featuring the most interesting names in contemporary dance music, tailored by Radio Wave especially for Ji.hlava as part of its Night Beats.


Tickets to the offscreen program – theatre performances, concerts and VR – can be purchased on the spot before the start of the event. Prices (festival pass holders / other visitors):

● music – festival tent: CZK 0 / 100 (WWW show CZK 150 without festival pass)
● music – Church of the Holy Spirit: free entrance
● theatre: CZK 80 / 160
● VR – daily tickets: CZK 80 / 160 (online booking)
● all other events: free entrance

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