26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Offscreen Program

“Intimacy is the main informal theme that runs through the whole off-screen music program that will take place on the experimental stage and in the festival tent,” says Pavel Klusák, the head of the music program at the Ji.hlava IDFF. In addition to music, the off-screen program of the 25th Ji.hlava IDFF also comprises theatre performances, exhibitions, VR presentations and a Game zone.

Offscreen Program

Music and intimacy

Martin Kyšperský will be singing for one listener at a time in a set-up where the artist and the visitor will be equally visible. The solo electro-dark-pop of Josefina Dusk and the post-punk played by the female trio Bibione are among the fresh joys of domestic pop, as is the take-no-prisoners rap by the duo Matka, striving for intimacy with their audience during their musical whirlwind.

The experimental stage at the Church of the Holy Spirit will offer other forms of music intimacy. One of the first performances of the international Prague Quiet Music Collective will present contemporary compositions tending towards audio minimalism and post-Cage fascination with silence. Live performances will be given by Fero Király, a prominent Slovak expert in sound experiments, as well as Petr Válek, the author of brut music videos, whom the festival was only able to record during the last year's pandemic edition. Belarusian artist Maria Komarova will perform her soundscape of small objects – "555 BUGS". Lenka Klodová, founder of the Naked Forms Festival, will also appear on stage. Pavel Klusák, head of the music program at Ji.hlava, will present the Play Rehberg block: a listening tribute to the Viennese noisemaker and publisher Peter Rehberg, who performed at Ji.hlava in 2015 before his untimely death this year.

VR Zone, Game Zone and Ji.hlava for Kids

This year’s Ji.hlava will also invite visitors to step into virtual reality. The VR zone and Game zone will newly be situated on Masaryk Square in the very heart of Jihlava. VR zone will bring a showcase of this year’s most remarkable VR projects with documentary elements. Game Zone will present serious games, simulations, adventure games and RPG which explore the ways different genres highlight serious topics: for instance the life in a totalitarian society, the construction of a sustainable environment, the sources and spreading of false news.

Ji.hlava also keeps kids in mind. After a one-year break, Ji.hlava will open its gates to children and invite them to their own full-fledged festival programme. They will be treated to film and fairy tale screenings, performances, concerts, workshops as well as Fairy Arguments, in which they will discuss digital technologies, equality and inequality or our relationship to nature with the guests of the Inspiration Forum. Game Zone is accessible free of charge, admission to the VR Zone is CZK 60 for accredited and CZK 120 for non-accredited visitors.

Inspiration Forum

The Inspiration Forum, the discussion platform of the Jihlava festival, discovers new perspectives and brings new questions about the future into the public space. Visitors will be treated to six days of live discussions, interviews and lectures, followed by an online programme. Each day, discussions, interviews and talks will focus on a single topic, with guests from a range of disciplines and experiences, from global thinkers to important local figures. They will be looking at mental health, equality and inequality, how digital technologies can help create a more just and fairer world, the relationship between humans and nature, and the online programme will deal with the challenges the Czech Republic is facing after the Parliamentary election.

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