26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Jakub Kudláč

Jakub Kudláč
section: Czech Joy
edition: 2021
country: Czech Republic
A graduate from the Bratislava State Conservatory, where he majored in composition. While still at the Conservatory, he moved to Prague, where he studied philosophy at Charles University. He subsequently obtained his doctorate at FAMU. He is mainly the author of stage and film music. In addition, he lectures on film music theory and music in animated film at FAMU and Bata University in Zlín. In the field of film and TV production, he has composed music for films such as Vratislav Effenberger or Black Shark Hunting (2018), The Golden Sting (2018, nominated for the Czech Lion Award for Best Music), The Blue Tiger (2012), Shadow Country (2020, winner of the Czech Lion Award for Best Music), and the miniseries Božena. Jakub Kudláč has also composed music for approx. a hundred theatre productions, collaborated with a number of directors and worked in major theatre institutions including the National Theatre in Prague and the National Theatre in Oslo.
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