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Andri Magnason

Andri Magnason
section: Testimonies
edition: 2023
country: Iceland
Andri Snær Magnason is an Icelandic writer born in Reykjavík in 1973. His work ranges from poetry to non fiction, children's literature and documentary film. His books are published in more than 40 languages. He has won the Icelandic literary Award in all categories and numerous international awards in fiction, non fiction, science fiction and children's literature. He won the Tiziano Terzani Award in Italy for On Time and Water, the Philip K. Dick honorary mention in USA for LoveStar and the and the Icelandic literary Award in all categories. His film Dreamland 2009 opened in the main competition of IDFA in 2009 and The Hero's Journey to the Third Pole in CPH:DOX in 2021. His latest book "On Time and Water", is a narrative nonfiction about seeking a new language to explain the climate crisis, through science, family stories and mythology, available in 30 languages.
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