28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Krzysztof Pijarski

Krzysztof Pijarski
section: VR
edition: 2023
country: Poland
Krzysztof Pijarski is a visual artist/researcher/educator/translator. He is associate professor at the Film School in Łódź, where he founded and co-directs the Visual Narratives Laboratory (https://vnLab.org), a media lab focused on the evolution of visual storytelling into such areas as XR, stereoscopic 3D, interactive web-based pieces, or the film essay. A big part of his work at the vnLab is focused on the Interactive Narratives Studio, where he works on developing webdocs and other narrative and archival interactive pieces, especially in the transmedial space. His interest lies above all in exploring convincing visual forms of thinking: visual essays, atlases, analogies. Out of his engagement with bound content, he initiated the PubLab Collective around his vision for web publications as an evolution of the printed book. he has published books on Allan Sekula, Michael Fried, Thomas Struth, and Zofia Rydet. He is a founding editor at View. Theories and Practices of Visual Culture (https://pismowidok.org).
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