28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Siren Test

The section dedicated to music/sound in contemporary progressive cinematography.

Since the 1960s, the radical imagination of black Americans has led to a blending of mysticism, science fiction, and progressive music in the name of dreaming of a more just society. The film Sun Ra: Joyful Noise is a portrait of the legendary bandleader Sun Ra and his intergalactic orchestra; another other contexts of Afrofuturism will be presented in a seminar with film excerpts.

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CAN and Me
Narrated by Irmin Schmidt, a member of krautrock legends Can, the film touches on a number of stories: not just the band that influenced the development of experimental rock and the gravitation towards electronic music. The experience of the Nazi era commanded post-1945 Germany to reject the music of romantic and patriotic pathos so exploited by nationalism. It had to start again: but did anyone know that the research into electronic technologies was preparing a new era of club music, of media sound, of the audiovisual world? Schmidt also talks about his solo work, and there is no shortage of statements by great musical figures.

CAN and Me

Michael P. Aust, Tessa Knapp
Germany / 2022 / 85 min.
section: Siren Test
Czech Premiere
The guided screening showcases the aesthetics and ideas of Afrofuturism, according to which African-Americans will find justice only in a diaspora beyond planet Earth. The great luminaries of the past (Sun Ra, Miles Davis) are succeeded today by others, in both a natural transformation and a deliberate reference to this blending of civil defiance, science fiction, mysticism and music (Janelle Monáe, Flying Lotus, Ibeyi). From the classic sci-fi Space is the Place to AV works by contemporary musicians developing new themes.

Pavel Klusák: Afrofuturism, Music and Film

90 min.
section: Siren Test
A look at 40 years of subversive work by the American collective Negativland. Would you go to jail for your work? They say they never had a hit single, but they had a hit lawsuit. Negativland's media collages, which predated the web-sharing era from the late 1970s onwards, resulted in a single called U2. The group documented the court-imposed punishment in such a way as to create a spectacular artefact, and a narrative about the moral standards around copyright and intellectual property. “Media is coming into our homes: its images and sounds flow into our living rooms. So I consider them mine – and I want the right to dispose of them,” says Negativland member Don Joyce.


Ryan Worsley
United States / 2022 / 99 min.
section: Siren Test
Czech Premiere
Sun Ra: A Joyful Noise
Jazz bandleader and visionary Sun Ra claimed to have been born on Saturn: a prophet from the stars, he found himself on Earth with a mission to lead his black brothers and sisters out of a racist society and into a better place. Sun Ra and his unique community, an “inter-galactic” orchestra with exceptional music, costumes and philosophy, are the subject of a classic documentary made in France in 1980. “If you play a mistake in rehearsal, it changes the universe.” Featured under the theme of Afrofuturism and Cinema.

Sun Ra: A Joyful Noise

Robert Mugge
United States / 1980 / 60 min.
section: Siren Test
Czech Premiere
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