28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Of People and Snow
The world is losing snow every year and people don't want to accept it. The film Of People and Snow is about what we are willing to do so that we don't have to say goodbye to snow yet.

Of People and Snow

Viktorie Aldabagh
Czech Republic / 2023 / 7 min.
section: FAMU Presents, Ji.hlava Online
World Premiere
Olympic Halftime
What impact do the Olympic Games have on their host cities? Athens, Tokyo, Beijing and Paris – cities that have changed the urban layout of entire neighbourhoods for the Olympics, transforming their appearance forever. Unused sports stadiums are falling into disrepair and grass is growing over them, while public attention is focused on the construction of new stadiums costing billions, displacing thousands of residents who have to make way for them. The director travels to Olympic host cities to explore this unsustainable cycle, which has a devastating effect on the city's economy, the environment, and the lives of ordinary people.“I think the ruins are alive, and in them the present, past and future all exist simultaneously.”The second projection will have English subtitles.

Olympic Halftime

Haruna Honcoop
Czech Republic / 2023 / 77 min.
section: Czech Joy, Ji.hlava Online
World Premiere
The Modrý Case
Bohumil Modrý, the best hockey goalie in the world, who significantly contributed to the first international successes of Czechoslovak hockey after World War II. In 1948, he was offered a job in the NHL, but his stellar sports career and happy family life were destroyed by a trumped-up political trial in 1950. He died prematurely in 1963 at the age of 46 from the effects of imprisonment and radiation.

The Modrý Case

Roman Vávra
Czech Republic / 2023 / 54 min.
section: Czech Television Documentaries, Ji.hlava Online
The film already had its Czech Premiere
Lucia "Pretty Beast" Krajčovič is a 34-year-old professional MMA* fighter and mother of two children. Shortly after giving birth, she is determined to become a champion in both disciplines - sport and motherhood. With a baby in her arms, she is preparing for her next fight. Under the immense pressure of her two identities, exhausted from lack of sleep, she wrestles with a question to which she had a clear answer not long ago. How to be both Pretty and Beast and for how much longer?*the sport formerly known as Vale Tudo, which means "everything allowed" in Portuguese


Tereza Smetanová
Slovakia / 2023 / 37 min.
section: First Lights, Ji.hlava Online
World Premiere
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