28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Echoes of Ji.hlava IDFF in Belgium, France, New York start this week

The Echoes of the 24th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival will kick off online this Thursday for audiences in the Czech Republic. Selected films will then be available also to viewers in Belgium, France and New York. This year’s Ji.hlava documentary spring will offer award-winning films, discussions with filmmakers and masterclasses. The Echoes are held in partnership with Czech Centers network.

“The global pandemic put a spoke in the wheels of the filmmaking world: cinemas remain closed, producers put off film shooting and many festivals have months-long delays. This is also why are launching our Echoes already in the springtime – we want to give documentary film fans and filmmakers a chance to connect”, says Ji.hlava IDFF director Marek Hovorka.

You can find more info in the press release below.

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