28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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The 27th Ji.hlava IDFF has revealed its award-winners and announced plans to extend the festival to ten days

Ji.hlava has unveiled its winning films. Photophobia by Ivan Ostrochovský and Pavol Pekarčík took home the Best Czech Documentary award, while the most prominent Opus Bonum award for best world documentary went to Elvis Lenić's Ship from Croatia. Maia Gattás Vargas, the Argentine director, was honoured an award for the original approach, and Hungarian director Béla Tarr received recognition for his contribution to world cinema. The Ji.hlava IDFF also has plans to expand the live part of the festival from six to ten days starting next year.

The twenty-seventh Ji.hlava IDFF has handed out its prizes and also announced that it will extend from the current six days to ten in the coming years. "We want to provide greater comfort for our audience. This will free up accommodation capacity, which will be available to more festival guests and visitors. The extension will also result in a greater number of screenings, allowing us to have up to four screenings of a single film,” said festival director Marek Hovorka.

Ji.hlava Online starts tomorrow. It will run until November 12th and will offer more than one hundred seventy films from this year’s live festival programme. Audiences will have the opportunity to watch not only most of the award-winning films but also the most interesting selections that Ji.hlava presented this year. All films from the programme will be available for viewing until midnight on November 12th, but only within the territory of the Czech Republic.

The winning films can be found here and in the attached press release below.

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