28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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07:15 - Blackbird
07:15 - Blackbird
07:15 - Blackbird
07:15 - Blackbird
07:15 - Blackbird
07:15 - Blackbird
07:15 - Blackbird

07:15 - Blackbird

director: Judith Auffray
original title: 7h15 - merle noir
country: France
year: 2022
running time: 30 min.


The documentary’s brief synopsis sounds like an unconventional fairy tale – an old hermit and a young girl who can communicate with birds hear the singing of an unknown bird one day and set off into the forest and an abandoned mine to find it. Although the story involves modern recording equipment and microphones, this doesn’t detract from its fairy-tale poeticism. With birdsong at its centre, the film encourages concentrated listening, while at the same time leading us to reflect on the fact that even a sound as ordinary as birdsong has something mysterious about it.

“Deep in the forests, the natural world offer itself up in equal proportions to the curiosity of scientists and the passions of poets.”

Source: https://www.cinemadureel.org/en/films/7h15-merle-noir-2/


French director and producer Judith Auffray (b. 1993) originally studied painting and drawing in Lyon and then filmmaking at HEAD in Geneva. Her feature debut was the documentary The House (2019), which was screened at the Jihlava festival, where it also earned an award.

more about film

director: Judith Auffray
cast: Mana Féron, Jean Poinsignon
producer: Luc-Jérôme Bailleul
script: Auffray Judith
photography: Mario Valero
sound: Stéphane Debien
co-producer: Gaël Teicher
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