28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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30’ 70 60’ 120
30’ 70 60’ 120
30’ 70 60’ 120
30’ 70 60’ 120
30’ 70 60’ 120

30’ 70 60’ 120

director: Marta Valverde
original title: 30’ 70 60’ 120
country: Spain
year: 2022
running time: 10 min.


Marina is 26 years old and works as a prostitute to pay for her college education. She came to this work by accident and in the best possible way – in a feminist, safe environment and surrounded by people who care about her well-being. Together they face situations accompanied by exaggerated demands and prejudices.

“Together they face the construction of a contemporary society full of demands and judgements against the slightest inconsistency.”

Source: https://archivodelcortometraje.es/en/cortometraje/30-70-60-120/


Marta Valverde (* 1996) is a Spanish audiovisual artist and photographer who experiments in her work mainly through the hybridization of various forms. She also finds creative outlets in other areas, such as VJing in music productions and performances, or in theatre.

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director: Marta Valverde
cast: Marta Valverde
producer: Beli Martínez, Hella Spinelli
photography: Arancha Brandón
sound design: Marta Pavía
art director: Laura Meijueiro
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