28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Acoustic Shadows
Acoustic Shadows
Acoustic Shadows
Acoustic Shadows
Acoustic Shadows

Acoustic Shadows

director: Patrick Bergeron
original title: Acoustic Shadows
country: Canada
year: 2023
running time: 2 min.


The video deals with the phenomenon of sound shadows, which are caused, for example, by the distortion of sound waves by wind currents. The basis is formed by mathematically described, marked wind movements in landscape video sequences algorithmically converted into a flow of image and sound transformations. Bass tones are placed at the bottom of the image, high frequency sounds at the top.

“Each of my projects hides a technical challenge. The process and the steps to get to the final result are complex, but they are usually not displayed.”

Source: Patrick Bergeron


Quebec videographer and visual artist Patrick Bergeron (1967) studied aerospace engineering, but turned to film after graduating. As a digital visual effects specialist, he worked on The Lord of the Rings and The Matrix. His art installations and experimental videos explore the concepts of time, memory and movement. MFDF Ji.hlava presented his works LoopLoop (2008) and Studies in Synchromy (2014).

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director: Patrick Bergeron
producer: Patrick Bergeron
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