28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Algorithms of Beauty
Algorithms of Beauty
Algorithms of Beauty
Algorithms of Beauty

Algorithms of Beauty

director: Miléna Trivier
original title: Algorithms of Beauty
country: Belgium
year: 2022
running time: 19 min.


In 1772, Englishwoman Mary Delany wrote to her niece: “I have found a new way of imitating flowers.” The imitation in question was the art form called decoupage, based on cut-outs and reshuffling of pictures. The charm and botanical precision of these works attracts attention of even today’s artists, among others by an anonymous programmer who is trying to invent a way of capturing the flowers’ vivacity in pictures. With this aim in mind, she has created an algorithm, which would combine science and beauty, similarly to Delaney’s efforts, whose illustrations it is meant to animate.

“As a director, I take the opposite side of my training: I have no fascination for what is called a ‘beautiful image’. I explore the limits of the video signal, between overexposure and absolute black, to push the limits of digital pictures.” (Miléna Trivier)

Source: https://screen.brussels/fr/professional/milena-trivier


Belgian director Miléna Trivier (b. 1986) is a graduate of the Belgian National Film Institute (INSAS). After finishing her studies, she has made several films, mainly documentaries. Trivier works as a film colourist and lecturer.

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director: Miléna Trivier
producer: Maxime Coton
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