26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Long Live the Dockers

Long Live the Dockers

director: Robert Ménégoz
original title: Vivent les dockers
country: France
year: 1951
running time: 14 min.


Robert Ménégoz’s film depicting the struggles of French dockworkers in the winter and early spring of 1950 is meant to evoke the feelings of insecurity, exertion and danger of this profession whose rights were not sufficiently reflected in post-war France. At the same time, the heroic image of dockworkers is meant to mobilize against American policy, the Marshall Plan, German rearmament and the war in Indochina. Banned by the censors in France, the film won the Grand Prix for Documentary at the 1951 Karlovy Vary Film Festival.


Robert Ménégoz (1926–2013) was a member of the French Communist Party and made documentaries about social oppression in the post-war period. His feature film The Thousandth Window won the Golden Mussel at the San Sebastian Film Festival In 1960.

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director: Robert Ménégoz
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