28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Into History

Film-lecture programme sessions led by leading Czech documentary filmmakers. The topics reflect film history across genres and history in film across the world. Each session includes a screening of the film/films or is accompanied by a separate screening.

Egon Bondy's Automatic Debate
+ She Sat in a Glass-house Throwing Stones

Pavel Klusák: Gott. A Czechoslovak Story
+ Invention of Beauty

Karlovy Vary by the Documentary Rupture of the Iron Curtain
Long Live the Dockers
+ The Man We Love the Most
+ Something Changed in Midday
+ The Song of the Rivers

Jiří Voráč: Why Havel?
+ Why Havel?

Ivo Bystřičan: Industrie
+ Industrie - Industry of Normalization
+ Industrie - Factory for Capitalism

On the Edge of Diplomacy

Pharm'n'Film: Psychadelic Sandoz
+ Images of the Visionary World
+ The Burning Ear
+ Ballet on a Paraphrenic Topic

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