27th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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The Man We Love the Most

The Man We Love the Most

director: Victoria Mercanton
original title: L‘homme que nous aimons le mieux
country: France
year: 1949
running time: 22 min.


Victoria Mercanton’s unusual French documentary from the early 1950s provides insight into the cult of Stalin worship by members of the French Communist Party. The film evokes different types of Stalin worship, from the individual to the collective one, and depicts a highly heterogeneous set of exhibits at a French exhibition in tribute to Stalin. Banned for commercial and non-commercial distribution in France, the film won the Best Short Film Screenplay award at the 1950 Karlovy Vary Film Festival.


Victoria Mercanton (1911–2006) was a French editor and director with Russian roots. She worked as an editor on a number of documentaries, including films dealing with social issues of French workers, miners’ strikes, etc., but she is better known for her editing work on Barbarella (1968).

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director: Victoria Mercanton
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