26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Pavel Klusák: Gott. A Czechoslovak Story

original title: Pavel Klusák: Gott. Československý příběh
running time: 60 min.


How to backtrack, describe and recreate Karel Gott’s efforts at building up his own image and aiming at a replacement of reality by a construct, using TV and film footage? In what moments Karel Gott began experimenting with distancing himself from his usual image? How did his career in Germany, the one so entirely different from his domestic fame, look in a closer perspective? Can we recognize today what seemingly documentary footage had been stylized? How to perceive old TV programmes that were using playback in a very showy way? Why did Afric Simone kick Jitka Zelenková’s breasts? This is first of all a showcase of rare footage from Czechoslovak and West German TV, or an authorial seminar on the origin and contents of the book Gott. A Czechoslovak Story (2021).
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